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Ravi Singh Khalsa birthday was on 16 September 1969. He was born in Slough, England, United Kingdom. Ravi Singh Khalsa is a British Citizen. He is the CEO of Khalsa Aid, Sikh Humanitarian, and Founder of the International non-profit Aid and Relief organization Khalsa Aid. 


Ravi Singh Khalsa is working as a Social Worker & Human helper from the year 1999. We can honor Ravi Singh (Sardar Ravinder Singh) as the Bhai Kanhaiya or Ghanaiya Ji of modern times. He is serving the needy people by his idea of serving "Langar" which was started by the Guru Nanak Dev Ji (1st Guru of Sikhs) in the 15th century. He is doing the same concept in the 21st century with his effort to reach the Langer at the place of Needy ones.

Ravi Singh Khalsa left Punjab at the age of 12 years. He is a British based Punjabi Man. He got into limelight in 2011 when he serves the needy people which was affected by heavy rain and high winds. These rains & winds destroyed a huge amount of property and land in Somerset, UK. In 2015, Nepal was badly affected by a heavy earthquake. Ravi Singh helped the people of Nepal by providing food & needy thing at their place. 

Ravi Singh is the CEO of a well-known NGO around the globe "Khalsa Aid". Khalsa Aid is an organization that leads to help needy people in war-ravaged countries, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. From Haiti to Iraq and Syria to Myanmar, Khalsa Aid has helped people, provides free food & medical aid. Wherever the situation is getting uncomfort, Khalsa Aid came there very first to serve their people.

In 2016, A film is made by BBC on Ravi Singh's countless noble causes to Islamic Countries especially northern Iraq where Ravi Singh served the refugees by providing aids & food to flood-affected Yazidi families. The title of that film is  'The Selfless Sikh'. Ravi Singh is now not less than Celebrity for the entire globe. His effortless working for helping the needy people is much appreciated on social media as well. 

Recently Ravi Singh Khalsa & his team served thousands of people at Kerala where heavy rain & natural disaster affected a lot of people. after that, Ravi Singh NGO Khalsa Aid stepped into Punjab for helping people in flood-affected areas.


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